Landing Challenges

Could use a bit of help here. I have all the items downloaded from the marketplace yet when I click on any of the challenges it brings up the alert window to go to marketplace and download something - doesnt tell me what to download, (so i downloaded everything noted above) and it still wont work.



You might check and make sure you have the right plane for the challenge down loaded.

just downloaded and did the cessna stuff, and just now trying to do the landing challenges.

So the question is how would i know what plane i need and how would i validate that i have it?

thx for the help.

The landing challenge will show you what plane is required for each challenge. Did you check the Content Manager? It will show you all the files (aircraft, airports, challenges, etc) you can download.

yeah I have every plane downloaded… still nothing.

computer/game reboot has it working now. appreciate the help!

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Glad it’s working out now. Have fun!