Landing Characteristics

I am PPL holder IRL…recently I have been doing circuits, as practice, as I haven’t flown in the real world for 12 months.
Situation was a 2knt cross wind, flying the Carenado Arrow at an airport in Hungary.
Despite all my efforts I couldn’t do a squeaker…IRL approx 60-70% of my landings are of that variety …the aircraft seemed to be uncontrollable on approach…especially after touchdown…the aircraft went from side to side in a very exaggerated motion…and the forward inertia stopped once you retarded the throttle after round out…the aircraft then dropped like a bomb…PA28’s like to float with their large chord wings, this lack of float is very unrealistic in my experience. Yes, a bit of throttle at the right moment, also does assist in a smooth landing
I have been using P3D, so I immediately thought that maybe that is too forgiving. However, I would point out that I use the A2A Cherokee 180, which to me, has always handled correctly as much as a sim would allow. I have used it for practice over the years.
I have re calibrated my controller setup in regard to sensitivities etc…but still very difficult to do a realistic landing. I am trying to enjoy this product but it is proving to be a bridge to far when it comes to flight dynamics for me at the moment…or is it just me?

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It would be easier to troubleshoot if you could test with one or more of the default aircraft.
I’m experiencing non of the problem you are describing.
What joystick and what sensitivity are you using?

Thanks for your reply.
I’ll try again with default aircraft as you suggested.
Honeycomb yoke and throttle…Saitek rudder pedals.
Flight Sim PC is turned off…what sensitivity settings do you recommend?
I have set my own sensitivity settings, when in the air, to try and replicate as near the real feel as I remember.

P…I’m extremely embarrassed to fess up…but after checking my controller sensitivities this morning, I found that they had been scrambled after last update…now have been reset and aircraft are behaving more realistic…thanks for your input…I must get into the habit of rechecking this area after each update.

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No reason to be embarrassed at all!

I have no idea why most settings change after an update.
Happens to me all the time to my graphic settings.

Great to read that this has been fixed :+1:

I can’t give you any tips concerning sensitivity settings because I’m using a T16000M.

I’m using -33% on all axis to compensate for the lack of travel compared to a real stick/yoke.

If your yoke turns e.g. 90° or even 180°, you should IMO use 0%.

Pitch travel is on most PC yokes a lot less than IRL so you should reduce the sensitivity.