Landing data add-on?

Is there an add-on available that shows landing data like G-force, FPM, and landing quality? I had one for xplane and liked the feedback especially on those greased landings.

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Use SimToolkit Pro, it´s free and works great at that point. Still in beta, but very nice program!

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yeah, but use it after the upcoming patch!!! Since STKP i have trough SimConnect stutters and the performance isnt so well anymore…

MFS and STKP are both betas you can say… we just need to be a bit patient. and the Landing Reports of STKP are great at least. STKP Developer is dropping patches nearly daily, yesterday it was 3 times. Sometimes he does live dveloping when you contact him at discord…
And MFS lets wait for days or weeks for patches… The stuttering Problem is due to wrong configurationat MFS side. We will se what the next patch does.

thanks you all. will check it out!