Landing lights and airport lighting

Well. Since update 1.19.0 it seems a lot of lighting has broken. Landing lights throw very little light ahead, seems the taxi lights throw way more light now than the landing lights. Airport light reflecting off the ground at many airports is sometimes non existent making taxiing almost impossible. Lighting from other planes(large or small, on the ground or in the air) is totally non existent, I almost hit an airliner coming in for a landing, zero lights on it. I tried a total reinstall of MSFS thinking some of my light files had been compromised, that didn’t help( I don’t recommend this approach, literally took 12 hours of 30 Mbit’s download speed). This has totally ruined MSFS for me at night. I should add that this is happening in VR as well as 2-d for me. I hope Osobo sheds some light on this issue.
I’ve searched these and other forums for a fix but haven’t found any thing that works yet. Anyone have a fix or an idea?

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Sorry to says that has been that way sense day one.


Uwa’s lighting mods | Updated aircraft lighting for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 (

Great mod for ac lights!

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Thanks for the reply. Sorry meh1951 I have to respectively disagree with you. I have been a user of MSFS 2020 from the start including being an alpha tester. Up until about a month ago my landing lights on all of my airplanes, both default and payware were working great, I could see other aircraft in the sky with their lights on and I could easily make my way around any airport just using my taxi lights, something has changed. Now I can’t see any aircraft at night unless they are right in front of me and still there is no light from them, and most airports are dark too.

Thanks ccrbc. Unfortunately I only fly payware aircraft and this mod is for defaults. Thanks though.

If you go back through the Forum and Zendesk bug reports you’ll see that that has been one of my number one complaints about the GA aircraft(I don’t fly anything else).
I’m talking stock right from ASOBO. Uwa has a great work around but it’s not the stock aircraft.

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(On Xbox Series X)

I’ve definately noticed a degradation of the airport lighting situation. I can’t really say the landing or taxi lights are better or worse as I’ve always thought they’re a bit pathetic with the little light they throw out. I reckon a 5-10 degree increase to its cone of light and about a 20% boost to intensity would be a good start. As for most airports at night, horrendous and no it wasn’t like this when I first started playing this so no, please don’t blame console as it was actually much better at the start. Something’s definately happened since then. Some small backwater airports I can understand having no lights but I’ve encountered ones claiming to be international and municipal ones being in a sort of partial blackout. These types should be lit up like it’s daytime, flood lights, spotlights, overhead lamps etc illuminating all gates, ramps, parking spaces and even restroom areas lol.

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