Landing on frozen lakes

I tried to land the twin otter on lynn lake in Manitoba Canada but I crashed. Are there any lakes that you can land on with ski equipped aircraft?

In this video this guy was successful at landing on frozen lake.

I tried to land with skis on a lake high up nr Mont Blanc the other day. At that elevation and time of year it would certainly be frozen to a good depth, but the sim crashed me. I figured it doesn’t understand frozen lakes.

My planes seem to “dig in” to the “snow” when I land on lakes that are frozen. Normally you’d use skis but sometimes people plow the snow off and I’ve seen plenty of wheel landings on frozen lakes. Tundra tires like on the Kodiak could easily handle snow. Hopefully they’d let us land on frozen lakes hehe.

Landing on frozen lakes or seas aswell, is broken at the moment, it has been possible earlier. What I’ve heard, next SU is going to fix that.


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It is NOT broken, I fly the twin otter skis amphibian wheels on frozen lakes spent all day yesterday landing on frozen lakes frozen great lakes… lots of great fun the Totter is a great model to enjoy

You said it, amphibian, cannot land on ice with normal tires.


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I landed my Kodiak with tundra tires and the plane sort of lowered into the frozen lake…about to the tops of my wheels. Then, even with full power, I could not takeoff. Maybe some lakes are different as far as landing on frozen ice goes? I was waaaay up here in northern MN, USA - try airport like KDLH and fly east to the “big lake” and try a touch and go there with normal wheels on your DHC6.

That’s odd cause I was using the wheel ski version as well, with the skis down.

Ryanbatc is correct, normally the snow is plowed and a runway is marked, usually with small trees, then you can certainly land on wheels. If it is not plowed and snow is not overly deep need to use skis.

I hope the next update will fix that, need to enjoy the twin for what it was built for.

Yesterday, I landed and took off again, with a C172 float, on frozen lakes in British Columbia; Of course by lowering my wheels.

Do you remember the lake? I will try it with the twin.

Ice on lakes is a cosmetic texture only. You can’t land on water without floats, regardless of it being “frozen” or not. .

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Yesterday, I landed and took off on the Ottawa River with big bush tires, no problem

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I’ve noticed this as well, the plane lands like it’s on a solid surface, but quickly sinks in a bit and becomes stuck like if in water. You can’t take off from that point.

It seems that the ice is still considered water. Could maybe make sense if the ice was not solid enough to hold the plane’s weight and cracked, but no visuals nor feature like this was advertised, so it’s not that.

Is it that difficult to make ice a hard surface? Or Asobo couldn’t be bothered?

I had wheels up with amphibian pak nice landings on frozen lakes and TO. idk if it would cause damage irl, Put the nose in the wind takes right off lol and that is fun fun fun

You would have to be very gentle on the landing. Some operators land them on the grass for changeover (floats to wheel skis)

I will give it a try tonight, in the sim that is.

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Good deal. lmk I like the totter alot. Fly all day TO and landings on unlimited fuel. I always liked amphibian aircraft with the throttles you reach for.

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Hi everyone, just popping in to say that the issue seems to be resolved in Sim Update 8.


That is nice!!!

SU8 ice pictures of Lynn lake, and it can be any plane you wish to land on ice, Happy flying when it’s out guys

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