Landing probleem

hello, can someone help me because every time i land my aircraft my tail steering wheel gets stuck either left or right .i go straight off the runway.what am i doing wrong.grJ

Which aircraft?

seccna skayhowk

The Cessna Skyhawk has a nose landing gear, not a tail. Do you mean the XCub or one of the other smaller planes?

hello, I don’t think you understand me well (can) everything works like landing gear and putting down the Diamond and seccena but the tail rudder gives no movement … and pulls immediately to the left or right during landing no control what is that. .tail rudder very stuck on my Youkestick no correction possible! do i have to go to the settings or what do you think ? gr J

Do you have rudder assist turned on in the assistance menu?

helm assistant?? help menu where can i find that is it at the top of the play menu?