Landing runway crosses another landing

On most airports, ATC tells me to land on a specific runway (OK) but most other aircraft are landing on another runway which sometimes causes me to abort a landing because it crosses my flightpath. (Not OK)

Why doesn’t the airport just use 1 direction for landing, dependent on wind direction ?

Is this about Live Traffic, Offline AI Traffic, or Multiplayer aircrafts?

Usually, for multiplayer aircrafts, they don’t share the same ATC as you do, so while your ATC might have your current runway as the active runway, they could be getting a different runway assignment on their ATC. It could also be you’re not on Live Multiplayer mode, so if they’re using a weather that have a wind blow on some direction, their ATC would reassign the different runway for them, while you have yours.

Then you just happen to be in a coincidence to be flying in the same server, at the same time into the same airport on different runways.

This is Live traffic with Live weather. Therefore, I would expect only 1 direction for wind and subsequently, only 1 direction of runway for takeoffs/landings

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KSFO often uses runways 1R and 1L for takeoff and 28L and 28R for landings IRL and I think in the sim.

Some airports use SIMOPS so can be asked by ATC to land short of crossing runway due to landing traffic EG YPAD. Msfs ATC doesnt do this and cant ever see it happening.