Landing with any aircraft

When an aircraft is landing, if en final, the wheels touch in ground a little bit too hard, on the soil, the rudder becomes totally incontrollable . Can you explain that phenomenon ?

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Yeah I cant wait for them to fix this. Its not cool.

Heavy landings break things. That’s life.

Quick question - how do you control your rudder? Pedals, twisting a joystick, mouse or keyboard?

There have been other threads about this (search “Rudder”) and one solution is to check your key-bindings - if you just have an on/off setting rather than gradual it will make the aircraft uncontrollable. Also check your rudder sensitivities (Options/Controls) and maybe turn them down - on a Thrustmaster Hotas4 I use -(minus)50%

Is it possible that the problem exists because of the setting of the rudder. In fact, this phenomenon appears when the wheels touch the soil with a very little shock at, for exemple, 50 knots with the Cessna.
It becomes impossible to lead the aircraft, this one goes from link to right very swiftly when I point towards the link, for exemple. My joystick is a Thrustmaster Airbus.

so you only get this with crosswinds? or also with 0 winds.

When you have crosswinds, it’s logical that you have to correct some with the rudder after touchdown, since now the wheels are gripping.
Might be worth to test.

the second part of my explanation is wrongly translated. I would say about the movements of the aircraft when the wheels are touching the soil, is the aircraft begins to go rapidly at left and right, when I put the joystick at left.

Reading a second time your mail, I see you have adjusted your rudder at -50%, that is the same as with the mine.

No, I’havn’t cross wind.

the term “cross wind” is a false translation in french, maybe “side wind” would be better? in all case, I have not a “side” wind.

Are you using live weather? I have noticed that when at even moderate altitudes the live weather winds are very strong. If they are cross winds the autopilot does a terrible job and can end up cross-trimming the aircraft (It seems to want to use “wind-down-top-rudder” type trimming to keep the nose on track rather than letting it “crab”). When you get close to the runway and disconnect the AP the aircraft is now out of trim and crazy things happen at touchdown.

No, I’m using always the same meteo on June 2020, otherwise a good weather sunny without wind.

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