Landmarks/POIs - positional behavior changed in SU5?

Hello everybody,

I have a question about placing Landmarks that popped up after Sim Update 5. In case you don’t know, some of the required parameters for this type of entity are Name, Owner, Type, Lat, Lon, Alt and Offset. Most are self-explanatory, but until now Landmarks were snapped to the ground, with Offset being used to force a pin being drawn slightly above (or below) terrain, mostly to avoid intersecting with 3D models. Altitude was apparently pretty much ignored, but maybe it was used to determine flight altitude in case a user wanted to start airborne over a POI.

Now this has changed – Landmarks are always drawn at the specified altitude. Offset is applied to the value, but it is essentially redundant. This actually broke an add-on that I make, using a custom script to generate hundreds of POIs. I even tried to recompile my work using SDK v0.13, but nothing changed. I could not find other reports regarding this issue, so I am posting it here. Has it been reported yet? Any help would be greatly appreciated.