Large heading bug increments when using Honeycomb yoke

It’s because of the way the button/switch’s are programed in the sim. There is a Youtube video about this, lots of switches/buttons are not working correctly. Suggest you look at the video. To my knowledge there is not a workaround. It’s presently not on the roadmap that I have found, although Asobo/MS is aware of it from all the bug reports. See if their is a bug report on it and upvote it so it gets taken care of sooner.

I have my TQ, going to setup later on tonight just to see if unplugging it, makes it so I have to do it all over, why, office setup does not lend itself to being attached all the time, as it would be in the way. Got to figure out better arrangement.

Just received my Bravo (after waiting since September 1st) only to realize this bug still exists. Frustrating as hell.

IFR is impossible to fly, and even VFR with autopilot is not enjoyable at all.

PLEASE ASOBO fix this!

I don’t want to be messing around with 3rd party tools and potential workarounds.

Disappointed - as I’m sure all of you are also - to buy such great hardware with such a game(sim) breaking bug.

Let’s hope for the best, I guess.

I just got mine yesterday and now they are both junk because of this bug. I tried for 5 hours to get various add ons to work… NOTHING. This is BS! It has destroyed all the fun. Simple switches can cause the heading bug. Just take out the stupid heading bug 10 degree increment qos feature and we’re GTG. They you don’t need to f around with anything MS. You made my wife cry.

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Does anyone happen to know where I can go in Zendesk to vote on this issue to increase visibility? Is that even a thing?

You can vote up forum “bugs and issue” posts and doing so may get them on the development snapshot top 20 buglist.

There isn’t a way to vote on Zendesk issues as its a bug reporting tool. Submitted tickets are reviewed and moved into the internal bug tracking system. When that occurs the Zendesk ticket is marked as resolved.

The more people that submit Zendesk tickets though the more likely it is to raise the priority and the likelihood of the issue being fixed in future updates.


Is there a bug report for this that I can upvote? Can we get this topic moved into Bugs & Issues?

Edit: Found two:

I’ve managed to get my Alpha & Bravo fully working
It’s a pain in the ■■■ to setup but well worth the time
This is my solution here complete in game profiles and Joystick Gremilin profile

I just got my Honeycomb Alpha and am totally amazed that this problem still exits. Am I correct that there is not an official fix and we have to resort to third party software to overcome the 10 degree heading, course, obs bug? Of the wotkarounds -which is the easiest to set up? Thanks in advanced for any light you folks can shed on this rather disturbing situation

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Until very recently a fix was scheduled for World Update 4 in early April, but the newest issue list just says “2021”.
I have no idea what is going on anymore, and have asked Jummivana in another thread for an explanation.

Thanks for the information - I won’t lie tis a bit disappointing so I guess I will start investigating all the different work arounds because there is no way I am going to let this expensive of a peripheral only be half utilized :slight_smile:

Yea, I probably will, too, unless we soon receive information that “2021” was a simple communication mistake. Actually, I’ll probably take that route anyway, because I understand that there’s much flexibility to obtain from using Gremlin+vJoy or FSUIPC.

I have but I’m still pretty unfamiliar with the in-depth stuff. I have a 172 profile that I’ve made but that’s it. Does the workaround still work for this or is FSUIPC the only way? I’m even less familiar with FSUIPC and only have the free version. I fly mostly just the 172 or 152, the latter of which doesn’t have autopilot, but now that I have a full Honeycomb setup, I’d like to start using more complex aircraft to get full use of my setup.

You can use single on/off states for Spad.Next also. I think it was a dont repeat command. Can’t check now but the option is available. They have a Discord channel if you have questions.

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I found this one. It really works. But it takes some work, too. I spent the whole day yesterday to set up my Carenado Arrow.

… and, before all, it is perfectly explained. Now I understand what the problem is!

Hi bro, I am in the same situation than you. Would you please share what was the best work around that you found to solve the issue. I would appreciate it since I am an not a tech expert.

It is very well explained in the video. That guy is using a tool called RS Mapper which is originally written for DCS but also works with MSFS. You’ll have to make yourself familiar with controller mapping and then invest a lot of time. But then you’ll have your Honeycomb switches AND a 1 degree heading bug.

Same issue. It affects heading degree increments(1°->10°) as well as altitude (100->1000) on the saitek multipanel and occurs as soon as one of the switches on the honeycomb yoke is used.
Fair enough that there are workarounds for now I guess, nevertheless hope it gets fixed soon.

note: ISSUE discussions and voting about is here :