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Hi Guys I need a little help: My 1tb SATA SSD is getting full so I got a 2tb M.2 NVMe which I want to dedicate solely to FS2020. Should I format to NTFS or Ex-FAT? Also, can I just clone the disks? Thanks. Please no guesses. Answer because you know for a fact. Thanks anyone.

It’s my first time using an NVMe SSD. Don’t know if it helps be current drive for FS2020 is a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD SATA and the new one I just installed is a 2TB 970 EVO Plus

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Clone it with the Samsung Cloning software.
I have an 970 EVO Plus NVMe. Great SSD.

It needs to be NTFS.

Easy to do.

If possible use the 2TB (D:) only for the packages, keep Windows and MSFS and programs on the 1TB. Also disable the page file on the new drive, so long as you have one on your C: it will be fine. 10GB is plenty.

Too late lol. I decided to reinstall. I have Addon Linker so not too bad.

I have 3 x 1TB SSDs (SATA), and one of them is where windows is (c:) I have MSFS everything on this new drive.

As it’s NVMe that should be fine flying and MSFS should load more quickly than you’re used to but I would suggest any other running programs or offscreen data be kept off that drive to keep freezes and pop-ins at bay, but of course these would be more noticeable on normal SSDs. The same advice for virtual memory and the rolling cache, keep them away from your packages as you don’t want scenery being accessed while other stuff is loading in from the same drive.

Now, how can I restore my old settings? especially control profiles. They’re stored in the cloud, right?

They are, sometimes I find the need to rescan and validate one or two settings but then it usually finds the rest.

Now, another question: I managed to get another 2tb NVMe, and want one to be my c: drive. My question is: one drive is the 980 PRO, and the other is the 970 EVO Plus. I’m inclined to switch the PRO to MSFS and EVO Plus to C: (Windows). Is this ok, or should I use the faster drive for windows? Also, can I just clone the windows drive (from the current 860 EVO to the NVMe)?

Anyone who knows. Thanks in advance. I’ll start installing the drive in the next under 30 mins.

I don’t think it matters.

I run Windows 11 and FS2020 on the sane 970 EVO Plus M.2 NVMe.
Its a 500 GB.
One partition for Win 11 as C: and a 2nd partition for FS2020 as D:.

Everything else goes on the 1TB Intel 665p M.2 NVMe.