Larger Fonts and Tool Tips, Stretched Dialog Boxes after Nov. 24th Update

Same problem as above, resolution 5120*1440

Same here at 5120x1440.

Same here. I run MSFS stretched across three 43” TV’s
Since installing the latest update, the confirmation boxes are huge & look awful.


Same here, after US update 5760x1080 (3 monitor) went ■■■■. It was ok until latest update…

Same here with 4K DCI native resolution (4096x2160): All confirmation dialogs, subtitles and tooltips are only low-res now.

Does Asobo even have ONE single person testing their code before shipping it out to customers? Given the amount of bugs they introduce for any bug they resolve it sure looks like their code is so unstructured and full of unintended side effects that the developers don’t have any clue about which other parts of the game their code changes are breaking :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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They responded to my zendesk ticket about this and marked it as solved. Probably will be fixed next update.

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After the new update, some menu windows (exit window for example) is not right scaled or text unsharp.

It seems most overlay windows in MSFS are displaying at a lower resolution compared to the main game.

{EDIT} This includes Displayed ATC communications as well.

Can confirm this, running at 4k, overlays and text (like ATC) are blurry.

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confirm also

Also confirm


Tooltips in cockpit too :expressionless:

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Confirm. All Message Boxes, tooltips, subtitles are distorted. I span the window accross 3 screens, and it does not look blurry, it looks absolutely terrible!


Similar on my 32:10 screen.

Confirm here too. Resolution 5120*1440

It’s not a bug that makes the game unplayable. And I can live with it for another 2 weeks if other issues are fixed. For example the Logbook issue seems to be fixed, clouds look better again, autopilot behaves better. Stutters (especially ATC related) also seem better at first glance. And overall Asobo has done a wonderful job with this sim.

But it just makes me wonder how serious Asobo is with testing. It seems that nobody with different aspect ratio than 16:9 was testing this update. It’s just so unnecessary and avoidable.

confirm. also high GPU load in the main menu. Temp GPU 70 degrees.

Confirm here too. Resolution 3840x2160. Blurry message boxes.