Last MSFS Update invisible

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For info i just re-install my msfs on my news hard drive (SSD NVME M2) and it is shown that obviously it also installed the last upadte (Benelux and France), but for me, for a reason i ignore i can’t see it. It was the same on my previous update on my other SSD yesterday.

For info,

that how i see Paris and “arc de triomphe” now…

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Do you have an idea why?

Online with appropriate online options turned on?
Did you go into the marketplace and “buy” the free France/Benelux update?

Have you claimed your World Update 4 content from the marketplace?
Any world update being released they only automatically update the sim engine itself to prepare for it. The content itself, needs to be claimed manually in the marketplace, and download them as a separate content.

If you haven’t done so, you probably missed the Japan, US, and UK update as well. So might as well go to the Marketplace and claim them all and download them together.

Hey Guys thank you for your answer.

indeed, for Japan, Benelux and UK i had to “buy it” and for usa it was already installed…
Problem solved! Thanks a lot have a good day!

Op issue has been solved. Closing the thread.

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