Last Nvidia Update New Issues?

But you’d think after 27 years of flying FS, some of those problems would no longer be inherent. Seems they didn’t learn to fix some of the same issues. And even left out so many vital aspects from FSX.
I have recollections of 16 years ago trying to config FSX, with exact same issues.
Everyday is something else. Literally!
What fresh-hell waits me next?

My pc is a brand new build for MSFS.
i7 10700 32g RTX 3080
Sufficient enough.

No arguments from me but I think your system would benefit from my 2070 Super instead.

I’ll leave an address for you to send me the 3080. I’ll be happy to pay postage costs. Can’t say fairer than that now can I ? As Delboy used to say, you know it makes sense.


mine is a gaming pc from alienware

Doesn’t anyone create a system restore point before updating things?

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I had a successful approach landing using AI flight control at my favorite airport SRQ Sarasota Bradenton Florida

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That will help with Windows updates but not FS2020 updates unless i’m mistaken. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Things seem a bit more stable lately.
Can only fly the Cessna props. Most other aircraft act up and require reconfiguring of the throttles etc…Pain in the butt.
My settings are mostly on ultra and I’m getting average 39-48fps+. But when flying with some addons like London City Airport, I get a horrible 0-12fps with ugly long stutters that make it totally unflyable. Yet, most the other addons have only minor effects. Approaching Santa Monica (SMO) was a stuffer-fest today, but it eventually became smoother. Probably cause it’s my first time in LA. No addons in area but huge details (yet NYC was perfect). Bizarre, and surprising that a very high-end system still can’t run this game smooth.
Can’t wait till 2030!

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We’re talking driver updates though…

Yes, you’re right.

I lost sight of the purpose of the thread.

My bad :slightly_smiling_face:

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This has been reported on the forums often over the last few months and isn’t specific to recent NVIDIA or MSFS updates; the Los Angeles area has a huge amount of photogrammetry detail spanning maybe a hundred miles from end to end (hence a lot of data loading as you traverse the area, causing stutters) and a lot of airports (and thus both live or AI traffic and multiplayer traffic that slow down CPU main thread). So this is not super surprising given that these things are known to slow down the sim.

Did you get 4096 x 2160 working again?

Thanks for the heads up.

If I use 3840 x 2160, I get black bars on the edges of my TV (LG 55UN7300)

No, it won’t let me set it anymore. If I do the screen goes black. Seemed to happen after Nvidia driver update. It seems fine now on 3840x2160.

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I guess I should ask, what version are you talking about? I’m using 460.89, and 4096 x 2160 works fine for me?

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Same version 460.89

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