Last udapte omg fix it microsoft sharpness

Fix the sharpness , this udapte 29/09/2020 has wrecked image quality it worse it looks very bad now .

How is possible, i delete MFSF 2020 for this reason. -Reality

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umm, ok.

That being said, whatever they did with the render scaling not using sumpersampling and the TAA is just sad. Hope they can revert whatever they did.

What is your display res? No issues here on 1440p with 100 rendering scale

Yes , it is horrible !! , pufffffffffffff

before the update the image was much better,

where can we report this to microsoft?

1080p ultra settings TAA Antialasing 16x ALL UTRA , and the image before the udapte was better, more realism.

Now is horrible.

try renderscale 150, worked for me

Hmm looks the same to me. Nothing here has changed reguarding image quality. Check your Nvidia settings. Might be worth deleting all localcache files and let it rebuild.Otherwise you’ll need to increase the rendering scale.

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I should specify, I was using renderscaling 150 before this update because I am on 1080p.
After the patch it had been bumped down to 100, so I put it back to 150 again, and now it seems like it doesnt do the supersampling.

No clue whats going on behind the scenes, but something happened with this renderscaling and TAA.

Its not a huge issue, but I hope we are going in the right direction and not backwards.

i have “170” the rendering scale since start MSFS2020 but now the image quality is so bad, so much sharpness,

problem in this UDAPTE

Something has changed, and for the worse. I always play renderscaling 170 and now it looks very bad,

Take a look at UserCfg.opt file and see if your sharpness is off

Before and after I have played with 170 ALWAYS, and now the image after the update is of poorer quality

ok Second ssssssssss

Where can I find that file?

For steam not sure

Hundreds if not thousands of fellow simmers hoped that they will revert pre-patch2 trees lod and water, but they dont listen ir they dont care.

Also Its very dirty tactics to show “ingame” picture of Fuji from their own tweaked version, which no one is able to reproduce in current version. Yes, water reflection of mountain

Lets hope not for more “performance upgrades”, its clear now what that does to nextgen visuals

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i found the file , but how can i open this? file OPT. program?

i found the file , but how can i open this? file OPT. program?

right click and open with notepad and check to see if the sharpness is set to 1

Enabled 1
EyeAdaptation 1
ColorGrading 1
Sharpen 1
Fringe 1

FullScreenResolution 1920 1080
PrimaryScaling 1.700000

Sometimes i play with this config, and now the image is so bad after udapte :frowning: