Last update:

Less than a month ago I had the first flight in this Sim. Therefore I am not in conditions to criticize, in spite of everything I must say this (related to before and after the update):

1º) - One of the things that I liked the most in the Sim, is that at a certain distance, there was a kind of tower or vertical pole with the name of the airport. This was very useful for me because I mainly do “free flight” and this indication was very useful. I deeply regret that they have removed it (after this update), turning it into one more, of the many spread around the city, giving the city a strange and unpleasant aspect. Now that indication is not seen, nor is it distinguished from the many others since it has the same dimensions and with the aggravating factor, that it reads very badly until you are very close. This high indication should return to the Sim.

2º).-And one of the things that I liked the least, is the configuration to fly in autopilot that we have to mark (among other operations), VS. The speed of ascent and descent; those numbers are so small that we have to make an exaggerated approximation and effort to see them, the same happens with the height to which we decide to fly, also that number are very small. The former should be tripled in size, the latter doubled in size. They should take into account how unpleasant it is to have to make a visual effort to plan those important parameters. Please increase the size of these parameters.


Well, I have a lot of defects that I suppose are relatively normal after each update, although we will have to analyze for much more time to communicate what needs to be corrected, nevertheless, I list these 4 discovered:

1º).- I found at the time of downloading the update, that I had two possibilities:

(a) mandatory update=22.92 GB, and (b) =40.29 GB. For lack of knowledge, I opted for b) without knowing if it was convenient for me this or the mandatory one, can anyone tell me what the differences are?

2º) A good part of the airplanes, the engine stops at the beginning of the flight. Some of them stop as soon as I get ready to take off, others in mid-flight. I try to start with “Ctrl+E” and some of them start, but immediately stop again. I only found 2 that fly normally:

3º). "Zlin A. Savage Club and Zlin A. Shock Ultra that fly normally.

4).- I found that the process to select heading, altitude, VS had been modified. With an additional text. This modification, in my opinion, is more complicated than before.

I have more problems to report, but I suppose that there will be thousands of complaints, so I will wait a few days to see if they are solved.

Regards: Delfin

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