Last update, not let select airports or runways

Yep, that was the issue. For some reason the sim updated with a large 4.03GB update when I started it then I could not load a flight. A further 1GB update from the store was required then another near 1GB update when re-starting the sim to correct the problem. It seems to be ok now

Another two updates solved it, one from the store and a second from within the sim.

By following your recommendations it works thank you

I have the same problem tried it in other flight mode legacy but did not help

Same here - what is going on ??? If I select an airport as an arrival airport, the “Go FLY” stays grayed out. I can get it yellow again by pressing “back” but then I get a crash to desktop about 10 seconds later. I have cleared out my community folder, so its not that. I am trying to find ways round this … but HEY - it was working before, adn this is meant to be an update.

Follow andhog’s recommendations: Open MS Store and updated MSFS there. Started MSFS and got another 4.8gb update and now it’s working again!

Same here. MSFS 2020 isn’t quite a dumpster fire yet, but there’s smoke…

I had the same issue; did the 4.5+GB download in game that broke everything. Now downloading another update from the MS Store; we’ll see if it fixes it.

For the record, this is an embarrassing way to release software and someone should be ashamed of themselves.

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Same problem, the challenge led to CTD. the initial update (3.13 GB) was followed bu another update (1.49 GB) after I started back up. Hot Mess!!

Alrighty, so after a 4.5+GB download in game that made the software unusable, I did the 1.08GB download from the MS Store. Now I have a new, special 4.8GB download that reportedly has a bunch of other stuff in it.

To reiterate: this is a bush league way to release software and is going to require a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth for users who aren’t as familiar with this process as some of us are.

All I wanted to do is fly from CLT to ORD and see if the AI would actually let me land. :roll_eyes:

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How do you download it from the store if you have the pc version?

A long, long way from bush league. I’ve seen rock fights with more organization.

OK - a follow up. After the 3.13GB download, initiated from MSFS and then followed by a 1.49GB download, initiated by MSFS - the version still showed 1.13 something … and I could not FLY from any airport (greyed out) . Back key showed Yellow FLY button, but followed by a CTD. ( having spent a fair while emptying the Community folder and trying other ideas).

However, after a full reboot of my PC for another go, I was directed to Microsoft store, with another 4.5ish GB download. The version is now … and (touch wood) things seem to be working now. I havent reloaded my Community folder yet, but the package planes and airports are working again.

So, for everyone else - that appears to be the way to go.

But to ASOBO, come on now. You have a great product, but you have GOT ( like really GOT) to get on top of these updates.

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Open the MS Store and find the game like you were trying to buy it for the first time. The update link should show across the banner above the title image.

I am on 1.14.5 and it crashes to desktop while loading a flight. In world map I pick airport and press fly and then it loads but after a while crashes to deskto.

I have ms store updated.
latest gtx drivers
cleard cache.
multiple pc restarts
emtied all mods from community folder.
Even did a repair of MSFS 2020 app

Still crashes. Any ideas? solutions? Has this been reported to zendesk?

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Thanks for that info :slight_smile:

All ok with me again after the 3 updates. But now I see that my GPS and Com2/Nav2 in the Carenado Seminole wont switch on from cold and dark…

Thanks for the info :slight_smile:

Everything appears to be working (which is a loaded statement) after the third update.

I recognize that the game dev shop is a relatively small organization but Microsoft isn’t and this process makes them all look like clowns.


And, to put in perspective, how many people worldwide , spent $100-$130 for the sim, not to mention revenues gleaned from other sales, 3rd party developers, upgraded computers, high end graphics cards, huge 4K monitors, yokes, throttle quadrants, rudder pedals, joysticks, etc.? I know Gates is a multi-billionaire, but shouldn’t he consider the working stiffs that expect the ■■■■ thing to work???