Latest OpenXR Dev Tool kills performance (108.2108.5003)

I had a pretty good (smooth) VR experience until the MS Store updated my OpenXR Dev Tool.

Panning of the head set was especially bad. I had black boxes coming in from the sides and stutters.

Eventually (after wasting many hours to fix the issue) I switched “Use latest preview OpenXR runtime” off and everything was smooth/ok again!

HP Reverb G2
RTX 3080

I can run everything on Ultra with render scaling in MSFS set to 80%.
Game mode Off, HAGS On.

So if you have trouble after the OpenXR update, switch preview to OFF!

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I’m running G2/3080/i9 and the only glitch I’m seeing with the latest OXR Dev is a Windows Hardware Error after unplugging the HS to shut down. HAGS off here.

The version number in the title is for OXR for WMR posted on the 11th. The latest OXR Dev is 108.2108.12003.0 posted on the 18th.

Try turning OpenXR Dev tool render scale to minimum, restart PC, and then set MSFS render scale to minimum, go for a fly for a few minutes, then put it all back to normal settings.

This seems to cure a few odd things just after update.

Thanks for the heads up, for a minute I thought it might be just me. I had this same issue this weekend, but didn’t have the time to troubleshoot properly. I Will give it a go with the latest preview switched off.

Thank you so much for posting this info. This issue was wrecking my head all weekend. Finally some smooth flying can resume! :slight_smile: