Latest update go to MS Store?

`Today when starting MSFS2020 I was prompted for a mandatory update and must do this from the Store! Of course this is not the standard way updates have occurred the past so confusion! When going to the MS Store I am now lost in a maze not knowing where the update is! Closing this, I found my MSFS 2020 icon grayed out! Game no longer usable.

Can someone guide me on how to recover? I spen more time troubleshooting this package than using!


It is, actually. ALL updates were accompanied by a store update.

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I’m probably in trouble! Downloads and updates shoe nothing regarding msfs. Also, when I look at installed MSFS2020 deluxe is not showing up! I do own the app. Am I going to have to reinstall? Can I recover the application someway?

Mine didn’t even say an update was available. I launched the program from the MS store (which was suggested) and when it was done loading showed I had the new version.

If you have set the store to auto-update apps, it can happen MSFS already got updated.


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That explains that. Thanks. The thought never crossed my mind, and I do have mine set to “auto update.”

I’m always learning something new here. :slight_smile:

Just another bad day with MSFS 2020!