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The landing challenges are real nice…BUT YMSA SHOULD BE REMOVED. I am a real life private pilot with an instrument rating…YMSA is everything we are taught NOT to do in real life! First…it’s solid IMC…To fly in it you must be instrument rated. Second…this should have an approach loaded when you start or allow time to do so, be in contact with ATC following the listed procedure or be on a given vector to the approach, have a squawk code and be visible on radar. Third…you NEVER rely on the G1000/3000 synthetic vision for flying…it’s a tool to aid ONLY! Fourth…If you do manage to actually get to the runway, it’s defiantly below minimums…meaning when you are at decision height and can not see the runway, you declare a missed approach and follow the listed procedure to the holding pattern until cleared for another attempt. VFR flight into IMC is one of the most dangerous conditions a pilot can get into!

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