Latest update slight problems

hi all just joined, updated today got a wobbley. using a hotas warthog and stick. all was well getting bit by bit sorted, but i have lost hat switch, left and rt rool up and down ok slider lost i had no problems installing it put it on (f) drive a small ssd.its been working fine apart from that dam parking brake, which will not bined to my question is. can i put all bindings back to default and start a profile again ,asto be honest i made a few mistakes wanting to fly.and how do i get my ailaron slider back in controls

If your Warthog appears in her config screen with a graphic representing it, rather than a wurst ion mark, then a default config should have a set of bindings that make sense. You can always tweak these afterwards, if you wish. Did you perhaps create a new profile with no/minimal bindings?