LatinVFR Global Vehicle Traffic

I agree and I don’t even have VR. It doesn’t fix any of the broken behaviour of vehicles popping in and out and doing crazy stuff, which is what is really needed. However it doesn’t claim to either so that’s fair enough.

What it does do is replace most of the cars with trucks. This looks OK on highways but is simply terrible around cities. I see suburbs full of ridiculous huge trucks driving round housing estates they don’t fit in, and have no reasonable reason to be there. Looks awful.

I uninstalled it after a week of use. I really hope LVFR do something to improve this otherwise it was just a waste of money.

Go and buy one of the shipping mods instead, at least they make the sim look better.

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I had great hope that it would vary by a bit more. It seemed to make just half the cars trucks now.

It didn’t do anything in terms of localizing transportation for the area. Like, I see no buses. In South Africa, I see none of the Nissan Impendulo or Mercedes taxis that are prevalent for transportation. You don’t see any vans. You don’t see any baki’s which are prevalent in 3rd world countries. It’s just a mix of half semi-trucks and half cars. I guess I got spoiled with Seafront Simulations delivering of multiple types of boats. I had higher expectations of this addon than what I got.

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