LatinVFR LEBL compatible with SU9?

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Quick question about the LVFR Barcelona LEBL for MSFS, is this scenery still compatible with SU9?

Second Question, is LVFR updating their products frequently when it’s neccessary?

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Yes, LEBL is compatible with SU9, they needed to release a patch though. And regarding patching, they are very good in this department. One of my favourite scenery makers and I own all their airports for MSFS.


I saw them just put out some updates on New Orleans and FLL about a week ago. And those did need a few updates. All handled nicely through the Contrail app.


Is it recommended to buy it directly from the developer? So the latinVFR website

The contrail app is good to IMO. I have done it both ways and no matter what the contrail app will recognize it on your system.

If you have bought P3D in the past then you are eligible for a discount.

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Use Contrail for SURE! For me, I also like LVFR a lot. Very reliable with updates, good communication with customers via their forum. They’re one of the best at updating when it’s needed.

I can’t say the quality is the highest (compared to the FlightBeam & FlyTampa lineup) but easily one of the highest quality compared to others. I classify them as Tier 2 (in my ranking system that’s second highest - to get Tier 1 they have to have active animations in the terminals or at least highly detailed terminals and hangars). Please note, I’m not saying all scenery needs that to be enjoyed - just to be called Tier 1 in my ranking).

I own all their airports except Santiago (only because I’m waiting for a long range airliner). Definitely recommend!!

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I agree with DFWSupertrooper, they are not the highest fidelity like FlyTampa or Flightbeam, they’re in their own league but still one of the best scenery makers. And I recommend Contrail too.

Their LEBL comes with some extra scenery around the port and city. I really like airports which provide value add like that. On xbox I’ve had CTD at LVFR LEBL but then I get CTD at Asobo airports and even autogen, LEBL doesn’t seem to be any worse.

I altered your title to be clearer in its intent. (When it only says “LatinVFR” it reads like a topic about all LatinVFR products.)

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Alright, will think about that next time :slight_smile: Thanks! @N316TS

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