Le Piton Des Neiges, La Reunion : WRONG!

Ok I saw in the “Africa” video that La Reunion got an update from Bing.
Well, finally it is just one small orthophoto band that is badly dropped on the rest of the scenery with absolutely no integration, VERY BAD imagery and (as for other stuff ingame) had the wrong name/ label…

See for yourself !

  • The black zones are shawos baked awfully in the imagery, and has not be cleaned
  • the name of the place IS NOT PITON DES NEIGES but the depicted mountain top is “GROS MORNE”
  • The Piton des neiges irl (and actually the whole summits and most of the plateau) is TREELESS, there is a reason that the volcanic plateau have been used as a mockup for Mars and Moon exploration !!
  • please do something for the very bad integration, it ruins the whole island right now (which is not very well done anyway… No bathymetry, too many trees, quite low rez mesh…)

Did you file a bug report on Zendesk (link at top of page) so the developers know about it?

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I live there and i fly there… Just horrible imagery. No clear lagoons on the west coast. Look better on GoogleEarth. Why so poor imagery as Reunion island is spoted by many satellites everydays ?