Leaning procedures for pistons?

Has anyone determined how to use the available instrumentation to lean the engine(s) appropriately? Mixture settings appear to have impact on power at altitude but not noticing any appreciable changes on EGTs or CHTs for the planes I’ve flown so far…if they have the instrumentation for exhaust or cylinder temps

If you watch the RPM you’ll see it go up and down a bit and the game seems happy if you just get your RPM ‘maxed out’.

I don’t imagine most of the default aircraft will do more than that just yet, but I imagine some third party aircraft will really delve into that.

Probably not the answer you were looking for, I imagine. Sorry ^^

Thanks…yeah getting peak RPM is about all I’m seeing but as a GA pilot and airplane owner this is such a huge part of healthy piston airplane operations its just embedded into how I fly the aircraft.

Hi @DebonairFlyr - I do not believe Rich of Peak (ROP) or Lean of Peak (LOP) logic has been implemented for piston aircraft. Maybe it is in the backlog to be implemented at a later date. Fairly certain a 3PD will release an aircraft that does properly simulate engine leaning techniques sometime in the future.