Learning to Taxi but,

Hello friends, I’m Learning to Taxi to and from runway but It is difficult to read the Sign numbers and Letters as they appear very small Or is it this way in real? Cheers.

Normally one would use charts. You can search google using “(ICAO code) charts”

Who said I wasn’t? Ref: Question and context. “Signs appear small” “Is this how they are in Real?” I’m Autistic , don’t confuse me .

have they been included in FSX or am i wrong? and not in MSFS ???

It’s this way in real. But in real you see bigger. You can use the mouse to zoom.

  1. Your autism has nothing to do with anything posted on here so there’s no need to even bring it up. If you’re that bothered about it affecting your understanding then by all means bring it up in your initial post, but really, nobody needs to know.
  2. In real life the signs are quite small, use the mouse to zoom if you need to.
  3. As a previous poster said, in real life people often use charts.
  4. If need be, consider some resolution change or altering your graphics settings to see if you can achieve your desired visibility.

I always forget that the zoom works also for looking out the window, ha. I use the mouse to look around in the cockpit, look out different windows, zoom to see the gauges and controls, and then I’m squinting trying to see taxiway signs forgetting I can zoom there also.

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