Left eye smaller FOV / Flat edge - Reverb G2

Hi all, I’ve been having an issue for the past few days with my G2 where the left edge of the left eye looks flat instead of round which makes the FOV smaller on the left.

It’s bothers me so much I don’t even want to play in VR anymore, I hate switching to VR and seeing this black flat edge on the left while on the right I have perfect FOV.

I’ve tried everything – both physically by adjusting the headset and also tweaking all the settings but I can’t make it go back to how it was before.

I was wondering if anybody else has had this issue, before I have to call HP for a RMA…

Many thanks!

can you see the black edge directly looking at it or peripheral only? do you have the original face adapter or are your eyes closer? I have the same problem as you are describing, can see it only with peripheral vision tho and I’m using a custom headrest so my eyes are really close. Its really distracting. Also, it started few days ago (there was a window update around that time).

I had problem in the same style, but more important, one of the 2 screens was across.
I have tried everything, but never managed to get it back.

Fortunately I have several Windows installations on my PC. By changing Windows, everything is back to normal.
Eventually I had to format the Windows, which was causing me to get problem.
When I reinstalled, WMR and the G2 all worked perfectly.

I can see it by looking at it as well but with difficulty. It’s most noticeable in the peripheral vision. The edge of the left eye is flat while the edge of the right is round as it should be. For me it started a few days ago as well and it’s so annoying not knowing if the headset is damaged or it’s a software issue…

Well I am hoping I don’t have to format the PC and reinstall MSFS, what a pain that would be. I might have to reinstall WMR though…

I wish you that the reinstallation of WMR works, I do not remember if we can uninstall it, but what is known; is that I wanted to uninstall it. But like, I told you, nothing worked for me.
I hope you find a solution, without going to formatting.

Reinstallation didn’t work but what I think did it was changing Experience options from Optimise for performance to Best visual quality. Whenever I set it to performance the image gets off-center and I see the big black edge on the left. At least I found the solution! Hopefully it can help somebody else having this issue.

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