Left mouse click not working

I am confused. Love the performance of SU5 but - why doesn’t my left mouse button work, what have I missed?

If this is a planned changed why wouldn’t MSFS have a detailed update change log?

I also have the same problem after updating. SU5 has changed something as my mouse will no longer operate buttons/switches in the default Cessna Grand Caravan. I have tried switching the flight model to legacy mode, opening ATC / VFR maps and clicking on the titles. Nothing seems to work. Hope someone has found a solution and will report back.

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Same here. I get only tool tips, this is this, that is that, but the switches don´t work with the left mouse button…

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You need to bind “Cockpit interaction - Primary Interaction” to left click in the controls settings.

To switch between the newer style of cockpit interaction with highlighted controls and larger tooltips and the ones we were used to before, you need to go into General Options > Accessibility and switch “Cockpit Interaction System” to “Legacy.”

You do NOT want to put flight model in Legacy mode under any circumstances. That setting is there purely for straight ports of FSX aircraft as far as I can tell and as rarely as those are used it honestly shouldn’t be in the sim at all because it just trips people up.


Thank you so much!!!

Let me add my sincere thanks also!

Glad I could help. While I think much of the negativity on this forum about SU5 is silly I do fault Asobo for changing the interaction mode to this new one automatically and not explaining, must have seen a dozen different posts about confusion with this.

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Rather than going back to the “Legacy” setting–can you tell me where I can learn to use the new cockpit interaction procedures??? Thanks, GJtom

Except you can’t without a CTD. Go and try top change your mouse profile to default. and tell me it doesn’t crash.

Did. It doesn’t.

I’m sorry you’re having problems but please don’t make these pronouncements that your problems are universal. It doesn’t solve any issues and it won’t engender sympathy from most people.

Probably the exact same thing like me :wink: You probably have a custom mouse profile (knowingly or not) which did not get updated (which is correct: a custom profile should never be touched by an upgrade process, IMHO).

Now there are indeed new “interact” actions which need to be (re-)assigned to the left etc. mouse button(s). Simply switch back to the “Default” mouse profile and you will see what I mean.

Also refer to:

You don’t get a CTD when you change your mouse profile to “Default”???

No, I do not.

No one else is getting a CTD when they change their mouse profile to “Default”???

Great. Now I have to go fill out that 30 page form to report a bug…

Drinks are on me thank you very much

I’m getting plenty of ctd’s when switching any profiles. Which is a royal pain as I use many custom ones for different aircraft so if switching and it happens to land on default it’s a ■■■■ shoot

This video might help you:

I reverted back to Legacy mode myself to address the click issue. The problem I’m having now is the mouse is disappearing and/or jumping up to the top left corner when I click.

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