Legacy planes and the Patches

Hi all !

I wasnt sure if i ever would write those lines because my english is not the best and maybe cannot express how i feel today. And before some of the guys who have no clue about that topic wanna write some stupid comments…please…we dont need this ■■■■.

First of all im a german guy and im converting FSX to MSFS now for several month. But im also doing much more stuff on them like the physics and textures for example. So its not a 5min job and im really picky about things, espacially the config files.
I also have, i would say, a big community with several other guys who also importing planes from FSX and they also working on them day by day.
But Asobo, thats was i noticed, always try to make it harder patch by patch to make these planes work…espacially when you still using the air files for the legacy flight model.

But the last Sim Update 4 now is destryoing almost everything. I have a Harrier and a F-35B which are also capable of VTOL by using a second engine. The air file was working fine before this SU4 Patch. Now the rudders seems totally buggy. Using another air file would cause other problems. The modern flight model is not an option because its ■■■■ for jets…to be honest.

So…Asobo…whats the deal about trolling us modders then ? Are you get payed for that ? You got any pressure from the payware developers that we should buy the crappy planes from them ?

Do me and the guys who are loving converting planes a favor and stop beeing rude to us. I love this Sim and this is my hobby. So please stop beeing like this.

A small statment from Asobo would be nice ! I wanna speak to them and not to other users !

Greetings from germany


PS: Every stupid comments will get flagged. I wanna have a serious discussion and no kindergarden. Thanks.


Let’s help Max out. We need these planes fixed ASAP!

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Removed by author since simmers appear to have no use for actually fixing issues.

We live in a world, where mega companies like apple , slowing down costumers handsets so they more likely to buy a new one … If you think of it , it is in Asobo’s interest to make the new add ons more appealing to users than they are . And since apart from a very few new add ons , the rest is really horrible ,especially for the price the "developers " charging . Those add ons do need a boost . There are literally dozens or more , fsx/p3d add ons , already in the sim users hands , same level or superior to what most , new, native add ons can offer . So i would say, the likelihood , that Asobo is slowly, step by step crippling the legacy models is there . Let’s take a look on the clickable cockpit issue , that affects only legacy airplanes since, around last November . Asobo did say, it was accidental . Than after users made a "petition " ( wish list ) they (asobo) just flatly stated , they have no intention to fix the issue ? So Asobo did promise legacy support before the sim came out. So far they sticking to it . They also have to listen to developers, who by large, seen legacy stuff as direct danger to their sales numbers . So legacy support is still there, but less and less appealing , not because new add ons are so fricking awesome , rather because legacy add ons are being made less usable . Just think of it …

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Hi !

Its really annoying that Asobo just dont care about people who try to convert planes. There are several reasons from my standpoint for converting FSX planes:

  1. The models themselve still look good enough
  2. The legacy flight model (with air files) still feels better with planes who go supersonic
  3. There is no proper supersonic flight model for jets (dont talk about the F-15…its bad anyway)
  4. There is no proper fly by wire system for jets (they should need one to be realistic)
  5. The current (supersonic) payware planes are not good…except for some.

Asobo should answer to this. AND …they should 1. Just delete the legacy flight model or 2. Enable the full support again…
But what they doing rigt now is they just begin to troll people…because they dont wanna talk about that problem. Asobo…stop beeing like kids and grow up and let us know whats going on.

People like me spending hours and days to bring fine legacy planes to MSFS…its a hobby…its called modding. Some of us are really talented or just wanna have fun with there old payware planes.

Any now you broke again some things …without saying anything. Its just a slap in our faces !

Answer !



I can understand your displeasure well.

The problem is, that the people from Asobo are not here in the forum, at least as far as I know.

Experience has shown that criticism is not welcomed here and one is “hidded” very quickly.

Have you already contacted Asobo directly with this Problem? Mail?

I myself know 2 highly talented modders who, like you, are desperate … greetings from Switzerland


I can write essay about this topic but don’t have time sadly.
So will be short: thanks ASOBO/Microsoft for beautiful game (really nice picture for sure), and also thanks for ugly market full of garbage only because people have no other choice than buy it.