Less gamer threads, more simmer threads

I think a lot of people share that opinion.


Just as “very happy with it” is your opinion. Shockingly, people are allowed to have differing opinions.


Do you have any idea what it’s like to do development work?

The software has only been out for three months and it is massively complex. There won’t be a whole lot change for probably 3 months at best, and, from your tone, you might want to wait a year…


Yep. And it’s not supposed to be this bad.


I do think a lot of the YouTubers were a shill for the game, quick to sell their soul and credibility (if any to begin with) for a view/sub/like. Once the views started dwindling, they moved on to whatever the new pop culture thing is.

Coming from both sides of the fence, gaming and simming since the mid 90’s, gamer’s attention spans are short. Most, if not all, will eventually move on to the next latest and greatest title, leaving the simmers as the core base. But as you said, it would be nice to convert some of the FS gamers to FS simmers.


I would agree that quality control could be way better. But, I also work for a company that is 10 years old but thinks it’s still a startup, and the expectations of management (and the scale of our systems) demand that our customers be beta testers, too. I think it’s basically where all the whiny customers who want everything “right now” are driving the industry. “C’mon!!! this product has been out for 3 months now!!! Why aren’t all the bugs fixed!!! It’s just software, they should have been able to fix those bugs in two hours!! I’m sure I can find that missing semi-colon if I was working on it… or that little bit of logic in the trees that is screwing up the GPS, that should be EASY to find!!!

All I know, is, I’m having a blast, it’s certainly a hell of a lot better than the first F-16 program :wink:

(Yeah, I’ll admit, I can get a bit hyperbolic at times)

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MSFS is the new Game / Flight Simulator on the block.

Its new, its exciting, its full of Eye candy, and it been promoted strongly.

Past Flight Simmer have been waiting for it with great expectations.
Gamers have heard about it and rushed out to get the lastest “New game”.

Everything is a Buzz, and all mixed together in a single Microsoft forum, which is bursting at the seams.

All very new, all very exciting for everyone. – Happy Christmas …

But in 6 moths, will it still be the same ?
Well, hopefully a few improvement to the Sim, based on massive feedback for all.

Dedicated Simmers are not going anywhere … they have been waiting 10+ years for this, and there is not likely to be a “Google SIM 2021”, or anything else new to compete with MSFS for some time,

X-Plane & P3D will continue to evolve along with MSFS and that will basically be the choice for Simmers.

How about the Gamers … well by Summer 2021, there will be masses of new and exciting games launched, that will be tempting and offering new fun and excitement, thrill & spills, and crying out for their hard earned cash.

Better Eye Candy, more adventures, more action, more Multiplayer … just more and more temptation to put aside MSFS and try the newly released game of the Month,

Its all the above is true, and comes to pass, this forums demographic will change significantly over the next 6 months.

You cannot stop change – the best you can hope to do, if that’s what you want, is to slightly slow it down …

So Happy New Year … to everyone … and may the FORCE Joysticks and Yokes be with you.


As a matter of fact, I am a software dev. They say, if it quacks like a duck & looks like a duck, it most likely is a duck. The same is true for structured / clean code :slight_smile: You can tell from the outside appearance how the inside looks.


The good thing is that if MSFS becomes a serious competitor, X-Plane will have to stop sitting on the laurels and bring some serious innovation to their platform if they want to stay relevant. I am hoping for some healthy competition.


Even though this is off-topic, looking at the latest roadmap it looks like it will take at least another year before FS2020 is up to par with X-Plane. Just having great visuals might be great for “gamers”, but simmers will need more to stick with this program in obviously very early state of development.

Did you notice how I tried to bring the discussion back on topic :smile:


And to me posts like this are deliberately devisive. Pidgeon-holing anyone in a way like this is implicitly derogatory if not explicitly so.

This community should be inclusive and embracing. People who, in your words “usually have little knowledge about aviation” may well find that this sim is their doorway into that - a new generation of people who can enjoy simming and bring new and inclusive thinking to the genre rather than building walls and fences and seeking to keep others out. You think they should be excluded, or just “go away”?

Essentially so that developers will build your perfect sim, just for you, because that’s what you deserve right?


This sim should cater for all simmers/gamers and anyone else who wants to pick it up. As Asobo themselves have said - no pilot left behind. You want to leave whole swathes of new and more casual simmers behind, and that’s just plain selfish at best and a lot worse if you wanted to look at it from a more negative perspective.


Yes, it will be 1 to 2 years before this platform turns into a serious simulator - MS willing (they have to pay for continued development).

Some of my personal requirements:

  • multi monitor support (at least triple screen).
  • properly working simulation of atmospheric conditions (precip, clouds, weather, winds)
  • properly working aerodynamics
  • at least a hand full of the provided aircraft with working systems / avionics to a degree where proper flight simming is possible
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I was just stating my observation about what threads I see posted in the forum, and my personal opinion about what threads I am personally glad to see less off.

In my opinion this forum needs a healthy dose of both gamers, simmers or whaterver else you want to call yourself.

Unfortunately, I feel these types of posts are divisive and not actually that helpful.

In my opinion we ‘as a community’ should welcome anyone who wants to experience flight simulator - it really doesn’t matter how you ‘play’ or ‘sim’ it. Everyone has to start somewhere. We all have different things we want from the sim and it has a fantastic opportunity to teach people about aviation in a amazingly immersive way.

The wider the user base the better the simulator will become, the wider the user base the more investment it will get, the wider the user base the richer we will all be.


Yet that one guy who is repeatedly able to palaver the board of directors to make another flight sim still seems to work at Microsoft. :smiley:


Then I suggest you rewrite your original post as that is not even close to what it says. Try reading it from the perspective of one of those “gamers” you are saying you want rid of and whose opinion is not worthy of your consideration. Don’t edit it - you need to rewrite it.


My tuppence worth, (this is just my general observation):-

I spent nearly 2 decades maintaining aircraft, and many more with an interest in aviation.
I now (help to) make simulators for a living. I like simulators on big hydraulic motion rigs that go whoosh! I have also been a gamer since the ZX81, and I am still a gamer.

I like Simulations like MSFS that go whoosh! I like shooty games that simulate walking and shooting. I also like dropping bombs from my simulated A-10C. I do want high framerates. You can’t simulate anything graphically if your simulation is using semaphore. I also like using my eyes, ears and hands, with maps and identifiable landmarks to help with navigation, and having fun, rather than taking off and sitting at FL35 while the autopilot does everything for me, but that is a personal choice, and fun is an objective thing.

I will continue contributing to the noise as you call it, as well as try to help and answer the questions of the noobs, and merely curious. It is them, once educated to the zen of sim, that are going to pay for the development, not a few dozen “simmers”. Your job as a grown up is to educate, not castigate us mere gamers.

This is a game, and this is a game forum, so I’m afraid you will just have to embrace it. Otherwise, I would suggest that you petition for a completely separate “Serious people only forum” if you really want to sequester yourself. PS well done on contributing to the noise! :wink:


This subject has been discussed many times in many topics and is basically another incarnation over the game vs sim discussion which has been going on since at least FS9. It is going in the general direction of all the others - probably not reaching a conclusion.

This thread will therefore be closed as a duplicate discussion under the terms of the Code of Conduct