Let’s talk about manual cache

So I have a poor internet connection so manual cache is the only viable option for me. I’d like to start a thread to discuss all the in and outs of this mode.

My first question is can you store manual cache in a separate drive to the one where your fs2020 is installed? For example I have a 1t external SSD which I’d like to use as a dedicated drive for manual cache, freeing up my main drive for other tasks. Can you do this?

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Even if you can’t, remember you can create a symbolic link to a folder on the drive of your choice and achieve it that way.

Yes, you can…

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Great thanks. Just been reading that manually caching only works for photogrammetry areas not just satellite data! That is so disappointing and makes the game unplayable for me as I can’t stream and I don’t want to have to settle for default scenery. I wish Microsoft would tell us these important details in the marketing!

that is why an airport area the same size sometimes needs 1 MB to cache and sometimes 1 GB …

Do you think manual cache was only ever meant for photogrammetry areas and not raw satellite data? I hope not and it’s just a bug

atm manual cache editor is very slow, after i cache a dozen airports it went down to 1-2 fps close to freeze.
if u r going to select a bigger area on high like i tried with greater Berlin area the tool becomes inresponsive
and even if u manage this the download will take hours or simply freezes the game.

imho the manual cache editor tool is a hoax atm :-1:

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The bigger issue for me is manual caching only downloads cities with photogrammetry data so for most of the world it’s a useless feature. We need manual caching to download normal satellite data so those of us flying outside of the regions that have photogrammatry data can enjoy the sim

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Agree. Not worth to try at this moment. Needed a complete reinstall after used it for munich. 1-2fps, unresponsive (the whole game, as the editior is ingame)
One example of all that things that would have needed a betatest first… Need to wait until the FIXED IT.

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The worry is that it will never work for raw satellite data only photogrammetry. Let’s hope it’s a bug that can be fixed

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