Let VR Beta testers obtain the Tester livery (blue/black)

Title says it all.

Users who participated in the VR beta should be eligible to receive the tester livery. The community helped a ton with VR and there were tons of feedback to the developers. While maybe it wasn’t as significant as being a tech insider before the game released, it was still a big part of the community and VR itself.

It’s not much, but it’s something to ask for since we - the VR beta users didn’t really receive anything as a thanks.

Now obviously, I understand that we didn’t sign up to get gifts; we signed up to help with the launch of VR. But same goes for the tech insider.

Now this isn’t a demand, just a request as it would be great to receive something as maybe a memory for helping out, and a thank you gift isn’t neglected nor demanded.

Question in conclusion: As a VR tester; is it possible to receive the tester livery?

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I agree :slight_smile:

I just got my ticket solved. This is the official answer.

"Apologies for the misunderstanding but participants in the VR beta are not eligible for the liveries. The Alpha/Beta liveries are only available for participating in the PC alpha/beta that ran last year before the release of Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Kind regards,
Microsoft Flight Simulator Support Team"

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