Let's collect locations with water masks already applied

hmmm… whats wrong ?

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Not a bug, they just haven’t implemented that water mask yet. Move your thread over to Wishlist if you want to bring attention to it.

The devs will keep manually updating watermasks all over the world. The AI implementation of it sadly didn’t look correct, so they have to add them in manually.

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ah… this is meant… might be a good wish to make the flying more beautiful…

still no watermask


so, you’re going to make a new post about this every day that it’s not changed? In that case I hope you have some stamina.

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Hi @Nickel123,
This was discussed in the last Q&A with an answer:

Yes and no, I know that there was a difference between the trailer and the current released version of the game but I’m talking about reefs and underwater worlds what were allready visible in the public game. Now these areas are “sunk” aswell. In my opinion its a step back and not forward like they explained in the last Q&A. Nevertheless, I know it’s a lot of work and I appreciate the job, the team does.

Sure hard to believe that when they were showing watermasks in promo videos before release that showed watermasks that still have not made it into the game.

I just tried Witsunday Islands. It’s absolutely gorgeous, though I don’t think it’s anything other than the “stock” water.

The good news is that in the latest community video the guys at Asobo directly addressed the issue of missing watermasks and told us that they are planning to add watermasks in an on-going series of ‘small data patches’ (i.e. not giant multi-gigabyte downloads). Fingers crossed for SE Asia!

Video here: Developer Q&A Twitch Series: Top Community Questions [11.25.20] - YouTube

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Flightspots! Such a great tool!

Lovely stuff! WOW!

signed up and bookmarked!

Thx for sharing this!


Took a trip here a couple of days ago after the latest update, looks like this area unfortunately broke with the update. There’s only a little bit of it left along the shores now. :frowning:

Hey @speedwoblz glad you like it :slight_smile:

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Wow, flightspots…what a fantastic site :+1:

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The area around Honolulu has masking now


Found a couple more spots with nice water masking in Japan. I don’t currenly have the japan update installed, not sure if that will have any effect on the area.


Is FlightSpots your page? It’s great!

Hey, glad you like it :slight_smile: Yup, I’m part of it, any locations uploaded as “Flightspots” is usually me.

The idea is to map the world with great locations to explore in the sim. It is community based so anyone can sign up and add their favourite locations, so feel free to add a location if you find yourself flying over a great spot :slight_smile:


Gran Roque, north of Caracas…


The people’s water!