Lewis and Clark Expedition Flight - Leg 3 - FlightShare

This weekend (Sunday @ 4:00 PM UTC, 11:00 AM EST) will be volume 3 of our Lewis and Clark Expedition trip. The total flight time is still in the air ( :wink: get it?) , but it could be as long as 2 hours without stops included, but could be an hour and 30 minutes if we trim a bit. I will update this when it has been set in stone.

This should be the trip that takes us out of the flat lands and into the gorgeous rolling hills of South Dakota. I have some locations marked based on timelines, and journal notes, and a few more off the path landings than previously. The beginning is sure to blow your mind with some unique scenery. We will be lining up on taxiway F at KOMA (Eppley Airfield) to depart VIA runway 18 to climb straight out to the north. I will be sitting in my trusty 208 Caravan, and targeting 150 Knots cruising speed. I hope to use live weather and time. The current forecast calls for 27F and partly cloudy skies.

Join us on the EAST USA server. Bring a friend. The flight plan will be located under BushyBen419 on FlightShare.

Join the Event Voice Channel here in the FlightShare Discord

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