LFIU ballonport colocated with LFJH aerodrome and altitude issue

Good evening everyone,
I’ve just tried a flight from LFJH aerodrome but discovered an issue at that location:
LFIU balloonport is colocatec here!!!
This brings me with an altitude issue too…
As anybody already noticed that?
I run a boxed version of MSFS (WU4 - v1.15.10.0) on a W10 (2004) computer.
Best regards,


Yes, I’ve seen this - the airfield is in a big hole! :smiley: I took an OnAir job to this place and had to re-route as I really didn’t think I’d survive the landing.

Hello witchland,
Must really be hard to land at the current location except for STOL aircraft or helicopters.
I hope MS/ASOBO will fix it in a near future…