LFLC does not exist

I lfew to LFLC (medium size airport) but nothing at all is modelised.
That’s annoying compared to small airports that have already been done.
Do you expect to create this airport soon?


Although this bug may have been reported before, it is best that you report it as well to Zendesk. Bug tracking is not done in the forums even though the devs may sometimes view the forums. More bug reports will result in the bug being prioritized and may result in the bugs being fixed faster.

FHAW Does not exist either . Be thankful it is there hunted FHAW (worked there in 1983) and it doesn’t even exist. Gorgetown and the accommodation sites and other facilities do. One of the longer runways in the Southern Hemisphere 3054m and air link for St Helena and UK/ Falklands

This item was delivered as part of World Update 1 (1.9.3).