Lfmn to Egll stutters never seen before

Hello everybody

Does anyone experience today some terrible stutters during flight ?

I have never had so much troubles…

All the flight long…

Live weather is on

Traffic is off

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I don’t know what’s going on with this software sometimes! I blame my mods and spend hours diagnosing but other days I try same thing with almost all same mods loaded and it’s fine.

Maybe there is one mod that “breaks the camels back” but it’s like black magic.

I’m sure it’s server related issues out of our direct control but I need more time to test (which translates to time not just enjoying the sim :frowning: )

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I was over Las Vegas yesterday and it was stuttering terribly, far worse than normal, I was prepared for a CTD but luckily it never happened.

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Suspect it might be some server related issue… Just landed in EDDF, during rollout I suddenly got about 0.5 - 1 fps, and it is time correlated with little 50 kbps spikes in network traffic coming from MSFS every 1 - 2 seconds. Stopped on the runway (somehow…), switched off photogrammetry to see if that would help, been waiting 10 minutes for an “applying settings” window (“Please wait… I have no clue ■■■ I am doing”) and a spinning wheel.

This sim is broken.


Yes i think this is server issue, you’re right

Just did after one hour Xbox switched off, have flown from lfbz to lppt , flight was nearly perfect. But my traffic is still on off

Nothing is due to 4k settings . I made changes , it is not a GPU issue , had the same issue from 1440 to 4k

Probably server issue. I can fly around Paris and its silky smooth with all the buildings. However if I fly over my town of Ottawa where there’s hardly any PG or buildings and it stutters like crazy.

I think the less you have internet connected options, the better the flight is .

I suspect some server issues as maybe consequences of ukrainian conflict. Probably american Big companies are cyberattacked and those server slowdown are the consequences of this

Yess, sounds very strange

Just blame everything on the Ukrainian conflict. I do.

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Hey @Lamerlock7501. I moved your post here to the “Community Support / Install, Performance & Graphics” category where performance issues like yours are discussed. Hope this helps, my friend.

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Thank you !