LFPG big wall at Terminal 2A

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a big wall appears when getting close to terminal 2A, it is ok from distance.
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going close to terminal 2A
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Did you submit this to Zendesk? If so, what is your ticket #?
yes, I was not given any ticket#
I submit a second time because this bug makes me crazy!

try to park any plane at terminal 2A and see what happen.
this bug is ridiculous for a “high detailed airport”
easy to reproduce, easy to solve. how come it is still there, at least from October.

Hi there,
I modified your title to include the word “wall” so other people could find it more easily.

I also moved your thread from the old Bugs & Issues category to here.

anyone can check this, if it is only me?
big wall on terminal 2A.

I have already reported this on Zendesk including moles (jumping off the plane while taxiing on taxis) but …

I reported anyway, because i didn’t saw it before, it seems to be from last update.

No No it’s been a while

OK, I believe you.

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i confirm since last update this “wall” is there. i dunno if its the IRL hotel there…

No, it is not hotel, it is just a part of the terminal.
100% bug. Also, it is even not 3d wall, just front. And it appears when coming close to it and disappears at distance.

new big update and the great wall bug is still there.

Same here. It will be fixed hopefully.

hi guys,
still no fix. How to do to make them solve this terrible bug?
any developers here have any idea how to fix it?
I’m sure it was not there on first release.
any idea how to replace the faulty file to the older one?


There is only 3 votes so we have to post every day still Asobo fix this bug.

OMG :scream:
this is advertised as “detailed airport”, how come such a bug can remain like a tumor in middle of the face!
and I’m pretty sure it takes 1 minute to correct it.
come on guys, pleaaaase…

How Asobo can create a special event on LFPG with this bug ?

yes, exactly what I was thinking.
maybe more people will notice and complain, it can make things moving.
anyone who read this, don’t hesitate to vote.

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I just was taxing at CDG and found a huge wall in the airport. Is anybody else is seeing this?


It is a known issue. There is a another topic about it I think.

it is a new construction site for a new building :wink:

Thank you
I hope they solve it soon