LFPG Underpass Taxiway Flatten

I had a look at it, It didn’t looks so critical to me, but I try to correct it the best i could.
you can try to put the following file in your community folder.

I hope it can help you.
I also correct some other terrible anomalies, especially on the bridge on taxiway A that was unpassable.


thx Tigershark 85000
I will try it out!

new version, combining 2 of my previous and with more fix.

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Have you try the fix?

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yes it works fine :grinning:,
I found something else, A3 from Y01; Y02 the circle is not passable if you can take a look at it

I will have a look, but can you show me on map, I don’t see where it is.

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I raised this issue way back in the alpha version. It was marked as solved, but obviously never fixed.

it looks like there are some kind of invisible wall. It looks different from the other issues which are terrain level or bumps. For this, I’m afraid I can’t help.

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Thanks for doing it !