LFPS Notre Dame de la Salette Start Point and missing runways

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Brief description of the issue:

The starting location and runway of LFPS Notre Dame De La Salette is incorrect.
The sim has you starting on the landing (ONLY) runway.
This makes this takeoff almost impossible from the

This airport is missing two short strips on the opposite side of the hill for departure.
These shorter runways should be included with their starting locations as the only available takeoff points. As a bonus, they are very scenic.

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Incorrect Start Position:

Correct start positions:
Runway 21

Runway 24

ICAO or coordinates (DevMode > Debug > Display position)


Detailed steps to reproduce the issue encountered:

Choose the Cub as your testing aircraft.
Choose LFPS - Notre Dame De La Salette as your starting airport.

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Since Tech Alpha actually.

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