LFQC airport : wrong radio frequency, and wrong runway in radio. And Bug with the Strasbourg VOR

Hi, I would like to report a few problems with radio ATC on the LFQC airport (a very small airport where I fly in real life).
The realistic radio frequency is 123.5 (autoinformation frequency, common for all auto information airports in france). But in the game, the ATC give a wrong frequency (122.9 I think).
Other problem : when I open ATC windows, select the runway 27 for take off, my pilot says that he will use the other runwar, the 09. And if I request the 09, my pilots says that he will use the 27…
Is it possible to correct this please ?

Another bug I have noticed : the VOR of Strasbourg STR 115.6 is no working anymore (no problems with others VOR in the same area