LFTF Cuers

hello I am looking for the scene of Cuers - LFTF - which should be on the MarketPlace . this airport was created by AzurPoly and according to the latest info on the website of VFR Network on September 22 it was indicated that it would be soon on MarqetPlace Three months after I still search this airport if someone has any information it would be very nice to inform me Thank you in advance

Moderator translation:
Hi Duwez, we have prioritized other projects before the launch of LFTF which must be reviewed in part. Stay informed on our Facebook page. Cuers is scheduled for early 2021.

Sincerely, Jimmy

Salut Duwez, nous avons priorisé d’autres projets avant la mise en ligne de LFTF qui doit être revu en partie. Reste informé depuis notre page facebook, Cuers est prévu début 2021.

Cordialement, Jimmy

good evening and thank you for this information cordially