LFTZ breaks sim

Bought LFTZ on the marketplace. Now the sim is not starting anymore. Any suggestions?

I ended up deleting it through the Content Manager. It seems to remove all the files out of the scenery folder but leaves the marker so the market place still shows it as being owned but there is no way that I have found to reinstall it. I contacted the publisher and they can’t help since it was purchase thru the Market Place and MS haven’t responded as yet. Because I deleted it, the sim is functional again but no joy with the scenery purchase. The publisher advised to purchase direct next time if available because that is the only way they can help if its not functioning. They said once the product is turned over to MS for sale their hands are tied…

Which way did you choose to contact Microsoft? Zendesk?

I found the reason for the non functioning. I also have the Toulon area scenery add-on. If I deactivate it LFTZ works fine. Pity, as they are close to each other and should make for a nice area.

Haven’t been successful with any contact other than the scenery developer/producer. I do not have the scenery you mention and still did not function.

UPDATE… Finally Working! So installed the latest UPDATE, still no joy. As you mentioned of conflicting scenery, and while I do not have that scenery installed, I did have a piece of Freeware scenery called SaintMalo “The Walled City” installed. I also removed the empty file for ST Tropez from the “OFFICIAL” folder in MSFS 2020 (Had nothing to loose at this Point) So when I went back into the simulator it was still listed as owned but now I had a download option which I promptly activated and re-installed it.
It now works just fine. To test it I re installed the SaintMalo Scenery and it failed so there is something there that is creating an issue between the two. I will report this to the Developers… HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY!!!

That’s interesting, I have Saint Malo as well it it does not to interfere with LFTZ whereas Toulon did.

For my part, I have no scene from Toulon and despite everything, I have an immediate CTD at the start of the 06 from Aerosoft LFTZ.
This issue is still present and reported in the process of being addressed on the Aerosoft forum.
You can take off on the grass, you can fly over the runway in a helicopter but as soon as the wheels touch the runway at the start of the 06, it is a CTD assured.