LG TV or monitor

Hi everyone,I’ve been using a 24 in. Dell 1080p monitor for my sim. Do you think I’d be better sticking with it or hooking up my 32 in LG TV? I’m running I7 9700k, 32gig ram and a GTX 1070. Thank you for any advice.

The larger visual field, the better for me.
This is why only flying in VR now.

Yes, I would hook the LG TV unless it’s a 4K one as the 1070 may have a hard time.

Depends how good the tv is really some tv’s are good but others the response time is so slow that when playing the picture doesn’t look so good and you see noticable display lag.

I used to use a tv with games consoles but noticed an improvement in picture qaulity when going to a pc monitor. There is different tech available now and some tv’s may be just as good as a monitor. Though to get the equivalent display quality on a tv compared to a monitor, the tv is usually double the price atleast.

Why not use both, and then before long you’ll start to build cockpits of your own…but seriously buy a second cable and use both of them if it looks like ca on one you can still use it for ATC vfr map etc.

I don’t think the electronics are any different.

I bought a 49 inch TCL Monitor because a monitor does not have the TV tuner in it so it should be priced less.

I now have a TCL 65 inch Oled TV. I use it for both Cable, ROKU and Computer.

It has 3 HMDI ports.

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im using a ~8yr old 32 inch sony lcd tv. at 1080p. it works very well. was using it with a evga 1660 until my last update.


Go as big as you can! And no worries about 4K or not… you can scale it down in the graphics settings

4k will be hard for your 1070. Started MSFS with 1070 and 2560x1080 and only could make 20-30fps on high settings, bigger cities unplayable. so with 4k will be worse. I would stick until you can upgrade your graphics card (remaining config should be fine). With 3080 the sky is yours on 4k and ultra :wink:

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Thank you all for the information. Very much appreciated.

Wow! That is absolutely beautiful! Very nice job. I hope someday when cash allows, I can do a home cockpit. So far I have Honeycomb Yoke, logitech pedals,and airbus throttle quadrant. Build my pc last year but next is the monitor and GPU. I have a gtx1070 and am stuck at 1080p for now. Can not find anything better than my 1070 anywhere.

1070 will do an adequate job rendering 4k. I tried it the other day on the 1050 and it worked fine, it also works okay on the 1660 and the 1080…as long as the sim itself isnt lagging having problems, you’ll wonder why didnt go 4k sooner.

Then when higher end video cards become available again, you can upgrade your card.

I know if this patch actually fixes my stutters, the 4k’s going back on the desktop and not going to be used as just a TV .