LGAV Athens International

Hello, does anyone know if there is an add-on for LGAV ? I am OK with what we have from Asobo except for the intersection with the motorway that connects the airport to the city. In reality the car traffic goes under a cut and cover and planes go over it when needing to move from 03L / 21R to the terminal and gates. What we have now shows something like a narrow bridge but never tried to cross it with a A320. And the cars are in any case very annoying …

FlyTampa said “Athens and Toronto are close to release too” on 26th July, so should come soon :slight_smile:

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First of all there is this free version: Athens Intl. Airport Eleftherios Venizelos (LGAV) Scenery » Microsoft Flight Simulator

Haven’t got to use it lately but some users have reported a couple of issues. Overall it seems to be a fantastic addon and most likely the best option at the moment.

And then there is the upcoming FlyTampa version mentioned above, which looks promising: Redirecting... (but I’m not sure any ETAs have been announced yet, just that the airport is “close to release”).

Thanks, I will definitely try it.