Light, Lights, Lighting 🎇

Thank for the Hotfix to bring the night lights back to MSFS … but … am I the only one noticing that the city and street lights are less sharp, more blurry, almost pixelated. Even the PAPI lights look like something from pee3dee.

The sun is still a white blob in the sky during daytime - and speaking of daytime, when will Asobo fix the white-wash, overexposure day light? It is still way too bright with no definition between sky, clouds, and ground. As a pilot myself, flying in Africa, I’m used to very bright sunny days but this is way too much.

[And it’s not my 4K monitor because DCS, F1, ETS, and xplane are all perfectly balanced with my monitor settings]


I haven’t noticed anything wrong with the sun but I think a lot of the issues you’re describing with night lighting might fall under this

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Thank you for the thread regarding ‘night lights’ … and RE: sun - during the day the sun is just a white blob in the sky. It wasn’t like this before SU5.

The lights definitely needs work. The individual orbs or bulbs of light are blurry and look horrible, especially at higher resolutions. You can really tell how bad they start to look as the resolution increases. In 4k it looks like a blurry mess, and at a distance the lights appear as squares, such as the nav lights on AI planes look like red/green/white squares.

Floating lights in a next gen modern flight sim just doesn’t cut it anymore. At least in X-Plane the light source are connected to an actual object. MSFS needs to do the same but better.

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