LIGHT_POTENTIOMETER_SET Event causing G1000 screen flicker

I am flying the DA40NG and I get a frequent flicker of the G1000 screens where they turn black for a split second then back to normal. The time between occurrences varies, seconds to minutes.

I have monitored the Simconnect events and it it the LIGHT_POTENTIOMETER_SET event, always setting a value of 17

I have no DA40 mods or G1000 mods installed. I have no controls mapped to control any of the cockpit lighting potentiometers

It can get very annoying and distracting if it starts to happen frequently.


MS Store Version
No Dev Mode

Try with the G1000NXi from the market place. Free and should clear up your black screen.
G1000 screen

Use search for more info on the G1000NXI

I’d prefer to stay with the standard G1000 because thats what I fly.

Is your “Glass Cockpit Refresh Rate” set to high?

I’ve tried all refresh rates but the issue persists.