Lighting in the game feels a bit ''off'' to me

I’ve spent quite a bit of time doing showcase shots over places I know in the countryside, and I always notice, that even at midday, in summer, in clear skies, the ground and trees just appear quite dull and lifeless. In real life you really can feel a sunny day without looking at the sun, you can just look at the ground and see the brightness of the ground. It also doesn’t help that trees don’t cast shadows in game, I don’t know if that’s because it would be very hard and demanding to impliment a system for this, but maybe it could be used on trees that are by themselves, not next to others, so that it’s not having to calculate shadows for millions of trees.


The sim simply has its “sweet visual moments for me”
when the lighting,shadows, and terrain all align.
Other than that it’s mainly very bright washed out looking visuals for me.
In both 2D and VR.
I constantly find myself trying to create those moments via Tab menu with season, time of day and cloud coverage.
Take ambient occlusion, terrain shadows,light shafts,and the overall lighting from the sim and you’re not really left with much visually against the terrain.
There are times i look down at the terrain from inside the cockpit and it doesn’t look any better than FSX/P3D,XP11.

Also if the flat calm wind on water is making your sim look like ■■■■ don’t forget there is a wind option in the Tab menu to make some waves. I certainly have to have some sort of wind on the water now. The flat calm water bodies can look just as bad as bland as XP11s against the terrain’s coasts.

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It is computationally intensive but you might want trying Contact Shadows LOW to get started.

You gotta understand the source textures for this game are satellite images taken at only one point in time. Fly over mountainous areas and you can see baked in shadows on the textures contradicting the dynamic lighting of the game.

You’ll also notice, unless there’s snow on the ground, the world is in a perpetual summer within FS2020

That being said, this is still easily the most realistic representation of the earth, ever. And will be for a while in a game of this scale.

You’re simply looking at the technological restrictions of today’s technology. Who knows how much better the data interpolation will be in 15 years…

…Imagine the entire globe captured in photogrammetry, using 10x the polygons, 8K textures, with procedural seasons, all while loading in at a draw distance 15x of what we have today…!


and imagine you won’t get access to the hardware for rendering such beauty because all stocks will be sold out to scalpers or to miners :joy:


Same here- all week I’ve been doing shots. I know there is a lighting glitch post-update, but it usually is most-noticeable when there are some clouds in the sky or when objects interact with the sun. I hope they fix this sooner rather than later.

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There is a lighting bug post-update.

At any rate you might want considering this:
[BUG/FEATURE] Provide a Sharpen strength setting, and more post-processing effect controls in VR

Although listed “for VR” this is equally applicable to 2D as well.

Yeah I agree that it does look like FSX at times, and it doesn’t help that when you zoom in, the textures are blurry and pixelated, I’d like to see that improved so that when I zoom in a car isn’t like 2 pixels wide when I’m only 2000ft high.

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It seems shadows don’t even exist on trees at max contact shadow settings.

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In the real world, the light/ color temperature is very different depending on many factors, and it is true that MSFS has ONE LIGHTING FOR EVERYWHERE EVERYTIME.
I believe if some variations in the color temperatures were introduced, you would not have this sensation of “everywhere feeling the same”.

The runway in front of me is blurry during takeoff.
Very faint blurry centerlines…not sure whats going on
Maybe i need more AA options on

Use Text. Aniso 8 and Text. SS 4x4

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Will do!
Thanks always!:beers:

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