Lights "balloning" for ulta wide screens

I’m seeing the same issues with light scaling we’ve dealt with in other sims.
For ultra wide setups (mine’s 5760X1080) the lights are to big (out of scale).

FSX and P3D we would make the CFG change below… is there an equivalent for MSFS2020?


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Same feeling for my first night flight, all lights are too big in 3 triple screen (5760*1080)

Unfortunately for me it so bad I can’t fly at night. The lights are so blurry it looks exactly like the real world with out my glasses.

Too bad… the night lighting looks to be amazing.

hi how you do that 5760*1080?

3 monitors driven by AMD Eyefinity vid card

yes I already have the 3 screens but I need the file to be able to have the resolution 5760x1080

the lights ‘ballooning’ is actually correct for a single flat screen, which is what FS2020 thinks you have (think about it, circles have to be rendered as ovals at the edge of the screen to make them look circular to your eye). Nowhere did you tell FS2020 that the screens are angled.

You need some future version of FS2020 that natively supports multiple screens, so it can project the right image on each one, like XPlane.

@MSGamerTag01 this is not a field-of-view problem. I have this problem too, and it is a rendering engine scaling issue for point lights when ultrawide aspect ratios / resolutions are used such as mine, 7680 x 1440.

See the comparison images below.


yeah, my bad, sorry, misread the report. Here’s a free bump.

Hey everyone,

do you also experience massive fps drops on airports, when the night-lighting is on?

I‘ve got an 5120x1440 monitor and those big blurry light bulbs as well. Do you think, that this error also affects the framerate?

br argonox

Ok, my FPS drops where caused, because of high consumption of GPU RAM. Fixed it when reducing the texture size from ultra to high.

Problem with the big light bulbs still persists

So have Msfs got a fix for this blurry night flying yet?

Nope, no response on my zendesk ticket yet. :frowning :pensive:

Everything past the nose of my plane is blurry or not in focus at night. To the side is around 700 meter ok in focus not blurry.
If I step outside of the plane 3rd person view then I have a radius of 700 meters in focus, everything out side of
700 meters is blurred.

I’ve seen a lot of weird behavior regarding lamps/bulbs in different resolution settings and also AA mode.

Some of my findings: What happened to the night lighting?