Lights flashing in the cocpit and the GPS instrument turns off

Now and then my instruments suddenly starts flashing when I fly the Cessna 172. Usually it helps to restart the computer, but’s really anoying. Any idea what’s causing this?
Flashing in the cocpit

I’ve also noted that my flaps stays in whatever possion they where when this “flashing” starts, at least visually as the flap lever still moves in the cocpit when applied.
I’ve never noticed this issue before around mars this year and the only new peripherlas I’ve got after mars is my Elgato Stream Deck, so maybe there’s a conflict there, or more likely a grafic card driver issue? My graphic card is a RTX 3070 and i’ve TAA antialiasing on in the settings. No other issue. I’ve got really good FPS at ultra settings.

lol , when you started the flight , did you check the weather ?
the flashing is lightning , you are flying through/next to a thundercloud.